Aessa (FR)

She (re)discovered the world of hand drums back in 2010... after a dream announcing the coming of this mysterious powerful beat. Following years of challenges in life, she decided to create her own drums at last. After giving a symbolic birth to her first drum, another one arrived, and then another... like new life spans given to the animals whose hides were used in the process. Drums created from reindeer, deer and buffalo skins are part of her growing collection. She now builds on demand for others : shamans, old and young urban people attracted to the magic of traditional handmade frame drums.

Drums by Aessa. For her, one record is like a magical object with stories and a history. It passes from hand to hand, from one generation of Djs to another. It's a living object, like the drums she builds in her tiny flat in Paris.

Born in Paris, Aessa has had a passion for joyful music since her childhood. She began to DJ in the 90's and became a specialist in Disco in 2004, playing vinyl. Being passionately in love with 60's pop and 70's Disco beats, she bought her first drum set at 18. This she sold for a DJ deck a few years later in 1995. Nearly 10 years after this her passion for Disco returned like a remedy, becoming a mission and a celebration through very intense parties that bringing together the black and the white, the young and the old, the gay and the straight, men and women all for the same hedonistic, joyful, rich music.

Riding on electronic, European, orchestal, kinky, afro or latin influenced sounds, often played from in 7 inch records, « we travel thru many landscapes with boom boom boom beats », played by human musicans in studios, with orchestras and full choruses.

Female voices, violins, subtle percussions, women and their sensuous dancing were always the main ingredients for a warm atmosphere that would last the whole night on the dancefloor. With her feminine qualities, intuition, patience and creativity Aessa loves to discover new universes, with the aim to create a communion. This she accomplishes by joining together all the elements, building with a harmonious space centered in the heart.

An instrument for wellbeing, spiritual connection, meditation as well as for also energy clearing and spontaneous group improvisation, a drum is made not just for beating a rhythm. A drum creates a communion with all that exists. It remains in the root of all dances and songs. A fantastic tool that reminds each of us we are on Earth only to share something deep that connects us since the beginning of time and beyond.

The handmade drum reminds us also of the original beat of life that we all know: our mother’s regular heartbeat we heard when inside her womb, a sound intensified by the amniotic liquid transforming our body into a giant ear, feeling secure in the continuous beat.

What is our role as Djs if not transmitting a story to new generations ? Only records remain. Who will keep the passion of Disco alive in our digital age if not a skilled Dj with records? Youtube or Soundcloud services ? What would happen should the internet collapses?

Aessa's proposal for Camp Cosmic 2017 : an interactive celebration of Drums and Fire.