André Pahl

André Pahl (Berlin) is known for his Safari mixes—pitched down journeys through uncharted seas, forbidden deserts and distant galaxies.

He sometimes forays into the psychedelic, sometimes into the electronic, while percussions drift from remote islands and rise up to touch with tender disco in a cinematic exploration of the the slower heart beat rates of danceable music.

Apart from these voyages into the mysterious, each stage and it’s environs carefully defines a new tone and set. He had a rendez vous with Mexico City’s lunatic music scene while living there for some years, co-running the label “Nuevos Ricos” and starting to DJ in bizarre neighbourhood street parties, shady night clubs and art happenings inside jammed subway stations.

Listening to André Pahl’s sets is like being compelled to push yourself inside a forest even though you know it'll be dangerous — head first, then the whole body, submerged deep into a strange jungle world, partly solid, partly made of shimmering liquids.