Elleorde (UK)

Elleorde was born 4 years ago at Camp Cosmic and his debut record "Open Wide & Eat The Future" shares the same themes as the festival - with a combination of time travel, the cosmos, space journeys, sunsets on exotic planets, and love in space. The set opens at warp speed, blazing through the night sky on rapid fire sequences and a roaring 4/4 rhythm. Thick wah guitar licks and squelching bass bubble up with a wormhole churn, building the dancefloor density before that Spanish guitar and whistled melody harness the bright sun in Morricone's spaghetti sky. Standing firm with a foot in both the disco and rock camps, this multi-era style rocket wears its flares with flair, letting that hair drift in the solar winds. So fire up the hyperdrive with an intergalactic boogie bomb complete with stomping bass, dreamy keys and more laser fire than a Death Star trench run. Elleorde flying at full tilt, blasting his way through the electrodisco singularity thanks to Bobby O styled bass, noodly vocoder and a properly proggy chord progression. Summoning Tantra, Chilly and Patrick Cowley into Seth Brundle's Telepods, the Scottish producer manages a flawless gene splice to create the perfect space disco entity. Step in to the time travel machine that is Elleorde, "Open Wide and Eat the Future".