Should I bring my own tent?
For sure, camping outdoors is part of the adventure.

Can I camp on the site before the event?
Yes, and you're also more than welcome to come out earlier in the week or stay a few days after if you wanna hang around.

Will there be something to eat and drink on the festival?
Yes and yes, of course - plenty! There will be different food stands at the festival.

Will there be water to drink?

Beware of ticks!
Be sure to check yourself every morning and night. A tweezer, tick removal tool and/or tick repellent spray is good to bring, there will probably also be at the info point. Wear long socks or trousers and be careful if you walk in high grass.

What about trash?
We would like to leave the place as clean as when we arrived. Therefore, everyone will get a trash bag to fill up and leave at the trash station (ask the information desk) before leaving. Then you will also be refunded 5€ of the ticket fee. Around the stages there will also be trash cans.

Can I grill somewhere?
No! We need to make you aware that there is an OPEN BURNING PROHIBITION in the area, the only place to grill is the kitchen. Absolutely no fire allowed is elsewhere than the places we point out. Please use the ashtrays to avoid the risk of having a fire beneath ground (jordbrand) or forest fire. Also, cows are living on the area when it's not a festival so we need to keep the place tidy.

What should I bring?
Camping Gear
Water bottle
Coffee mug
Swim gear
Eco soap and shampoo
Dancing shoes
Rain gear
Rubber boots/water resistant shoes
Tick remover

Will there be shower and toilet facilities on site?
There will be a shower on the area. Please use environment friendly soap/shampoo. For your convenience there will be compost eco-toilets.


How do I get to the festival area?
We mail out travel instructions with the location to our guests. There will be shuttle buses available to and from the location on a regular schedule 13:00-20:00 on Friday July 28. Shuttle buses back will be available on Monday July 31 from noon.

Is there any car sharing?
Yes! If you have space to help people traveling to or from Camp Cosmic, please fill in this form and share your ride! Or if you need a ride.


A limited amount of vehicles are allowed on the camping. When full, it will be possible for camper vans to park along the road to the festival entrance.

Got a question that isn't answered here? please mail us: campcosmic@gmail.com