Furor Exótica

Furor Exótica is an Argentinian Nu-disco duo from Buenos Aires, formed in 2013 by the vocalist Viky O. and the producer Ric Piccolo.

„Their debut EP "Jackie" (Tom Tom Disco – 2015, SE) presents an alternative, synth-experimental
groove affair through dreamy vocals and a cosmic touch all over, with
boasting banging remixes by the likes of Richard Rossa, Frank Agrario and Future
Their Second EP "More is More" (Bordello A Parigi, NL) will be released the next march
and it'll be packing three original tracks aimed at some serious floor frenzy. This time,
Fabrizio Mammarella, Les Yeux Orange And Trujillo will be in charge of remixes.
Furor Exótica live sets combine jamming vocals with floating rhythms and synthesizers,
for a non-stop dancing atmosphere.