About us

The whole thing started 2011 in the forests outside Gnesta, 'The Eden of Sweden' as a birthday party. Since then, it has slowly grown into a non-profit organization arranging closed community events.
"Nobody can tell for how long Bondhälla has been used for ritual ceremonies and festivals. The forest clad hill facing open fields and leading down to a glade, in the outskirts of the woods is a culture protected area. During the first summer months it serves as pasture for cows."

This year the disco festival will take place in a beautiful forest somewhere between Leipzig and Dresden July 28-30.

Last year over 50 DJs and artists from 8 countries performed at the festival. Art installations, performances, good food and drinks are of course to be expected. Of course there will also be a nice spot for all the Campers to set up the tents.


If you happen to know a good location for an upcoming Camp Cosmic somewhere in Europe, we are always interested:

COSMOSS from NOT Perfumes. Exclusive for Camp Cosmic festival. Notes of extraterrestial greenery with Lunar Leaves, Iceberry, Spacegrass, Martian Mimosa, Elemi, Galbanum, Venusian Vetiver, Tonka, Cosmic Moss and Galactic Heart. For more information, ask at Camp Cosmic Stage or mail us: