Oscar der Winzige & Matas Aerobica (ES/LTU)

Oscar der Winzige:
Son of a collector of avant-gardedementia artifacts, forgotten universes and hidden histories, "Der Winzige" continues his fathers work in the most private way possible; through re-realising this music with a select audience, keen to discovery new musical territory, hungry to push new boundaries and explore their own limits of fantasy. The experience is not solely musical. This is just one key in gaining a deeper understanding of a world, enriched by friendship, the collective experience and self-discovery.
Within cement caves in the early hours of the Berlin morning, the audience is invited to immerse themselves, to dive, as if under the influence of a slow-acting psychotropic poison, into abstraction, guided by sound into unknown atmospheres.

Aerobica is thrown by the square lifebuoy used to propel a reliable music into digital age. Aerobica delves into music, which at first glance may seem not sensuous, and uses it as a tool for communication. Aerobica prefers rhythmic experiments and a passion which is found in an inexhaustible music underground.