Princess Century (CA)

Maya Postepski is a polymath. An active member of the Toronto music scene, she has been making music for over 10 years, currently as part of electronic group Austra (Domino). She is a prolific remix artist, DJ and she co-wrote and produced TRST with Robert Alfons as Trust (Arts & Crafts).
Maya studied classical music for over 20 years and intended to have a career as a percussionist in an orchestra, but when she was completing her Bachelor of Music at the University of Toronto things went in another direction.

She met current band mate Katie Stelmanis at the age of 17 when they started a punk band, Galaxy. Eventually this led to further work and touring on what would eventually become Austra. They have released 3 successful albums, Feel It Break, Olympia, Future Politics and continue to tour Internationally.

Maya’s solo project, Princess Century remains somewhat an insider’s secret and is bubbling to break out. Her first albums were independently released but have caught many people’s eyes as a standout project that ties in her work with Trust and Austra. Now currently a member of Paper Bag records her latest releases are gaining her internationally recognition as a standout female producer and musician.

Maya’s production skills are at their peak, she has been called on to produce other bands and has done numerous remixes for the dance floor.

Her next album will surely break Princess Century into the main stream with its interesting mix of live percussion and sparkling electronics.