Carlo Simula (IT)

It is fair to say that Carlo is one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet when it comes to Italian disco records from the 70s and 80s.

2015 saw him officially reissue a cult 1981 7" record - Andromeda by Andromeda - on a 12" numbered vinyl including his respectful extended edit, as well as a remix by italian pioneer dj Beppe Loda, that marked the first release on his own “Disco Segreta” imprint. With a string of top notch quality releases, such as those by Miro and Gino Pavan, to the ones lined up in the future, the label and its filiations are sure to cause a storm among DJs and collectors of previously undetected, yet very danceable 70s Italian and European disco music.

Lover of fine sleaze, off-key singing, flanged drums, vocoders, drilling synth lines and - in general - anything that failed the charts, Carlo's selection often touches assorted Italian weirdos, as well as French, German, Spanish and other countries' disco music, all played on vinyl only, for the real deal experience, careless of any fashion.