DJ Monday

Progressive// avant-garde // analog electronics // mutant disco // eclectic // other worlds.

Berlin based DJ & Promoter of parties such as Love Trax (Sameheads, Berlin), Radio Rixdorf, half of DJ duo Salysol Muzik and various others. He has organised parties with many local and international DJ's, as well as participating in last year's Camp Cosmic. In addition to this he has played in and out of Germany for many years.

Inspired by Frankfurt's infamous cult club XS, as immortalised by painter Jim Avignon, and taking notes from Berlin's underground music scene, Monday lays down an incredible journey through all walks of sub-cultural dance music. Constantly on the hunt for inspiring sounds, both new and old, his efforts are immediately reflected in the wide range of sounds that can be heard on the dancefloor, wherever he plays. From post-punk to disco, from new-wave to techno, chances are, you won't have heard anything quite like it. However, there is one rule that reigns supreme: No rules, no borders.