Nob first encountered club music in the late 90's, when a DJ bar was opened downstairs his home in Yokohama. The place, Sound Community DUB, quickly became renowned for its high sound quality, and this marked the starting point of Nob's DJ career.

In 2005, Nob and the crew DJs/artists founded their very own sound system, the KAMOME SOUND SYSTEM. Since then KAMOME has pursued to deliver irresistible sound experience (clear and powerful), and worked relentlessly to refine each one of the crew DJs' skills. With this aggressive attitude toward dance music.
Nob is one of the central figures of KAMOME, playing across genres from Deep Techno, House, Funk, Soul to Disco. His uniquely supple sound scape is favored by party lovers.

Aside from DJing at clubs, Nob plays regularly in public spaces as a certified artist of the city of Yokohama.
Nob has toured Australia,Germany, Sweden, UK, Taiwan, Romania and Poland from 2008.
he moved in Berlin in 2015 and started doing musical activities, DJ and producing original tracks as well as editing rare tracks for DJs.