Music is a subject that is constantly evolving from uncountable influences. In order to understand the history, emotions and structures of certain periods and their musical output, Simon decided to go on a seemingly and hopefully never-ending journey. It's a broad spectrum of analogue, organic and band produced music, that all play a part in Simon's sound - as well as both early electronic and contemporary electronic music in genres such as psychedelic rock, funk, jazz and disco. His main effort is the work as an culture creator and curator in several projects mostly based on music history and avantgarde culture in the wide field.
Currently he ́s working on a project called Kraut & Drastik at the Kammerspiele Theater in Munich, focusing on the 70 ́s in German music history, the so called Kraut rock era. Besides that, he's one of the heads of Sinstruct, an Arts & Music festival in the North Italian Alps. He's also building Pracht, which a place in Leipzig for creative minds to exchange, influence, show and work with each other.