From the darkest passages down in the Falun mine comes Gruvfrun (The Madam Of The Mine).

Since the 1700s it has been a tell tale how miners and mining officers encounter Gruvfrun, in relation to a problems encountered next to the mine. Today this problem is the yearning that takes place over events that offer that little extra.

Gruvfrun is a collective of audiovisual artists that raises walls and objects to life with hypnotic video art, dripping sound installations and sparkling interactive light displays. The collective was created because there was a platform needed where we could experiment and develop various music and art projects in our audiovisual hemisphere. Gruvfrun's first club night resulting in a jam-packed, sweaty industrial building outside the Falun mine. The visitors took part in interactive art and danced uncontrollably to the live acts, DJ's and VJ's.

Today, the platform of Gruvfrun has spread outside the boundaries of Dalarna, and she goes around the country to brighten the darkest forests, festivals and clubs with their audiovisual aura. Now she will arrive to Camp Cosmic.

♀ Gruvfrun ♀