Guillaume Des Bois (FR)

He loves his records the same way you would love a son, or a lover: he cares for them and is afflicted by their absence. As you would expect from such a passionate character, his collection is over 10000 records wide.

It’s by drawing the best from every period and combining all styles . These oddities and extremely rare references are edited and shared via his Soundcloud and Youtube outlets under his ‘Knacky Dancing’ moniker.

Guillaume may be a well-known digger – an actual prescriber for whom music goes beyond fashion - as well as a confirmed seller, but it’s his versatility which makes him an essential actor of the contemporary electronic music scene. Growing up in the countryside meant having plenty of time to kill; he made the most of it by compiling tracks and naturally started DJ:ing. He later started working as a technical assistant for Radio Nova in Paris, studied at the Conservatoire and he now co-runs Macadam Mambo with Sacha Mambo from Lyon.

He regularly releases his own material on the label : he contributed to the first edit compilations (MMEdits) under his alias Bob Bernard, produced two solo EPs (2014 ; 2016) and released a double LP with Sacha Mambo as Macadam Mambo DJs.