Imperator (ES)

In the mid 90's, when the underground techno virus infected Barcelona, Imperator aka Bernat Diego was injected with poison.
He started partying at clubs, afters and free parties and once he bought his first records, he didn't stop.
He couldn't. Till now.

Linked to some of the most memorable (and crazy) tribes and collectives of that time, he was everywhere, becoming a kind of "enfant terrible" of the scene whatever was mixing, dancing or just listening.
After two decades, his eclectic collection of vinyls remains as effective as ever, shooting hits and rare anthems of cosmic, wave, electro, acid dreams or italo-disco. His sets are like an unpredictable jukebox, always energetic, bizarre and physical. If you let him spin the first record, you're lost.

Something is gonna happen.
Take a beer and enjoy the trip.....