Kizaa Zaa

Sprung out of an almost obsessive need for Florida Keys native Kelly Smisk to spread the gospel of the music of Africa to the frozen inhabitants of the Stockholm tundra, the radio show ☆Kizaa Zaa☆ was born in 2011.

The show has been aired in various FM and web formats for the past three and a half years and was eventually brought out of the radio studio and onto the dance floor. Joining Kelly at the DJ booth then was fellow dance floor enthusiast Robin Folkö to help her take the poor frozen Swedes on awesome auditory adventures to Africa. The Swedes started tapping their feet, moving around and dancing, singing along to lyrics in languages they didn’t even know and eventually their pulses hastened, they slung off their jackets and… they had defrosted!

This year marks their second visit to Camp Cosmic and Kelly and Robin can’t wait to lay in the sun, swim in the lake, and of course, to spread the music of Africa deep into the forests of Gotland.



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