Mattias Lodding

With a record bag filled with worldwide disco, odd wave and some housey stuff Mattias Lodding will present his interpretation of cosmic music.

Mattias started playing out in early 2007, after a couple of years of intense record collecting. He had developed a passion for post-disco and mixed it with contemporary dance music with varying degrees of success. The first promoters to book him were actually Emir from Ajvar and two other music nerds who ran a club night called Heads Up. It was located in a venue that had the smallest dance floor in Stockholm at the time but the place was often quite busy. Fortunately it was a pretty good night also when Mattias played there, which boosted his discjockey ego up a notch.

Between 2006 and 2008 Mattias was a part of the DJ collective and music blog 24 hours that had many memorable parties. Ah, those were the days. Later on he played at a few Nerd Network nights at Nolla in Helsinki.

Nowadays, you can catch Mattias selecting records mostly at bars such as Tranan, Taverna Brillo and Morfar Ginko. He frequently blends balearic and cosmic sounds together with Daniel Bech (The Keeper) as Strait of Gibraltar.