Mikey Gee

Music enthusiast, relentless record digger, artist and hedonist, who is still searching to find the one…

Mikey Gee is a long-time DJ and record collector based in Munich, Germany. As a child he was first influenced by his parents, who own a wide musical range of records from the 60ies and 70ies. Music was all around him during his childhood and he eagerly absorbed it naturally. He started digging for records in the mid-nineties and is a true vinyl addict ever since.

Nowadays his focus is on all sorts of bass-driven, funky music from rare disco to psychedelic, boogie and funk to wave and oldschool house music. His search for the unexpected and sometimes unknown made him a more open minded and relaxed person, who has no mindcuffs when it comes to playing music.

His mission as a DJ is to play stomping, genre-defying sets that will fit the mood but will also surprise his listeners. You can expect a heavy rhythm based set, that follows no rules and always leaves room for that special moment. He is also part of the 4 Brothers DJ Team, together with Le Discoboulet, Riko and his brother Resus. Maybe he will also press down those NY Fat Caps during the festival to contribute some urban artistic flavor.