Salysol Muzik

The project of two music lovers and friends, who grew up in Wiesbaden and Frankfurt in West Germany.

Having collected music for over 20 years and just moved to Berlin, they decided to start sharing their musical knowledge, DJing and podcasting their collection in 2008. They quickly became residents at the monthly events Disco Killers thanks to their infamous 8 hour sets, and multiplied club and bar gigs in and out of Berlin - including in Switzerland at Suburban Nights where they were invited to play with El Tigre Sound. They also shared the bill with iconic DJs they admire such as Blake Baxter or Zernell and collaborated with one of Germany’s finest music collectors, Steve Osten. Beside the DJing, the duo also hosted their own event series: Discotize Me and Pulse which supported local artists; and they had regular radio shows online [mainly broadcasted] in Vienna, Tenerife and London.

Instead of focusing only on one genre, they look for tracks that sound different and unique, their motto is simple: no rules and no borders. The two heads lay down all variety of high quality dance music, from Disco or Post-Disco to New Wave or House and anything else that will sound good on the spur of the moment. From Post-Punk to Italo-Disco, early House music, Belgian New Beats, and more... they find the links and finally bring everything together, this is what Salysol Muzik is all about.