Danish DJ, record digger, blogger and former radio host, who also happens to be an aspiring Fortean researcher.

He is known for having a particularly soft spot for Bigfoot (or Sasquatch), perhaps because his lifestyle is sort of similar to these elusive creatures: Vomatron tends to live much of his life on the edges of organized social life , but pretends that he at least makes some kind of an impact from this position. Occasionally he rises to the surface for larger scale social events, such as Camp Cosmic.

Vomatron has recently returned to Scandinavia from a 3 month exile in Istanbul, with an overflow of new 12"s and 7"s that almost didnt make it through the airport baggage check. Thus, he travels to Camp Cosmic 2014 with a fresh spirit of adventure, that would make Ragnar Lodbrok proud, and a bag full of fierce records.

Expect anything from sensitive synths and strings to stomping jungle beats to Psych-Moog madness, when Vomatron is behind the decks.


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