Wallenberg is an ongoing collaboration between Paulina Wallenberg-Olsson and creators from different fields generating images, music and performing art with a mixture of minimal and surreal aesthetics. As a visual sound journey it is accompanied by projections of the imaginary universe ‘New Population’ and spectacular costumes.

Excerpt from an interview in online art and fashion publication Démode:
"Wallenberg is a performance act as well as vocals - is one of them leading or how do you define the concept?
- Probably, it’s fair to say that the concept is my imaginary universe named New Population where I create a collection of characters out of elements from popular culture such as photography and mass-produced objects. Observing these static and silent characters I was playing with the idea if there was a way to breathe life into them. So then I became fascinated by the simple idea of activating them through sound and music. Wallenberg and my other musical wanderings Kirri­Kumma and Pinky Lizardbrain are all in many ways a continuation of New Population on stage.

How do you travel between your identities?
-For every Wallenberg concert or performance I take on a new identity. You could say it’s a creation ritual. Until now many of the characters on stage have had historical identities and have been female archetypes like heroines, warriors and high priestesses. Recently Wallenberg has become two faced and a forceful alter ego has emerged that demands more space than the others. It’s Grebnellaw!! Wallenberg and Grebnellaw are two sides of the same coin; a Janus face. Wallenberg looks back into the past where the ghosts of Surrealism, Dada, Bauhaus and Commedia’dell Arte wander and Grebnellaw gaze into the future towards gene technology and new human hybrids. Wallenberg is the YIN and Grebnellaw is the YANG. Wallenberg is classic and Grebnellaw has a more raw approach. Wallenberg is Rome and Grebnellaw is Stockholm. ..."
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