cosmic gathering 2022

General Info // Times // Rules // Camping

Festival beginning: Friday 15th July 12:00 am

Festival ending: Monday 18th July 06:00 pm

Entering the camp ground: Thursday 14th July 6:00pm

Leaving the camp ground: Tuesday 19th July 12:00am

Toilets and Showers available

Please no sound systems at the camp ground

Keep in mind: we are in the city of Chemnitz. Even though our campground looks like a charming green forest, the area is surrounded by buildings

in the backyard of an old former spinning-mill-complex. These are private grounds and it is a safe space, but expect a new camping experience.

Covid Regulations and Hygiene

Hygiene rules and social distancing are still very important , so we expect you to be aware of this when you enter the location and take this very seriously! We will have enough space for you to camp. For the camping area we will not be able to provide hygiene controls, but there will be a station for disinfection and emergencies. While staying on the campground we ask you to take care of yourself, your friends and all participants in those matters.

Pending Covid Regulations

Due to the changing officially issued regulations by the state of Saxony, there are no definitive rules or regulations regarding the Covid Control Measures at this point. We will make sure of everything to guarantee a safe festival for everyone and will keep you updated on the pending changes regarding covid regulations, testing as well as vaccine requirements.