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Hej girls and guys, soon there is time for a new Camp Cosmic and as you know, we can only do it together.
We need to rely on each other โ€“ please make sure you really want to volunteer. Without you Camp Cosmic wouldn't be possible! So please, do your shifts.
Now: take yourself some time, read the following lines and think/feel about a good position for yourself. let's be magical cosmic...

The system

You do between 8-12 hours of same/different jobs that need to be done during the festival (check below for the different positions). A single shift has 4-6 hours. Do you want to volunteer? Please buy yourself a VOLUNTEER ticket and we will refund you the money straight after the festival.


decoration / light / artistic / love sharing concepts: art@campcosmic.com
foodtrucks: food@campcosmic.com
transport@campcosmic.com (Driving, Parking)
construction@campcosmic.com (Pre build, Construction, Demolition)
tech@campcosmic.com (Sound Technique)

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If you have read this far, it's time to fill out the volunteer form ยป