Beeeast (IT)

Sent to this planet from an obscure primeval galaxy, Beeeast found his mission in bringing out the inner child lost in our inner selves and the related unspoilt happiness, whilst applying his own idiotic canons of butoh to everyday's life and dumb burlesque acts..

After years pursuing this goal around the globe, and grown too silly for the collection of mellow-dic records from the 50s and 60s inherited in his teenage, he's now spending the summer in a hidden luxurious beach retreat among lush clowning, cheap street-art and umbrelled cocktails, also playing eclectic guerrilla sets stuffed with his usual italo and boogie disco, cartoon soundtracks, Italian b-movies samples, pushing tropical tunes, primordial noises, sleaziness and nudity...

Difficult to identify what's hidden behind all that hair, someone has been spotting him on a leash alongside the colourful Gaff E, as a living prop and goofy side-show of her hallucino-delic weird perv-ormances...

(...or, more often, hanging from some trees...)

MixOne 4 - bedknobs, broomsticks and sunburnt witches by Beeeast on Mixcloud

MixOne 3 - per aspera ad astra by Beeeast on Mixcloud