Jussi Kantonen (FI)

"For some, the conceptual essence of disco is a shiny mirror ball. There are others however, people who have passed out on a soiled mattress in a room in a bad part of town or some cellar in Marrakech, a mattress infested with damp fungal growths born from insects, hallucinogenics and bodily discharges.

They lay there half unconscious, while microscopic tentacles emerge from the textures below and pore into the folds of their flesh, squirming up rectums and nasal cavities towards the brain. Irreversibly perverted and gripped by abnormal compulsions they then wake, demanding a beat from a new kind of drum. That’s the kind of people I play for."

Jussi Kantonen is a Finnish architect whose real objective remains to design a perfect 1977 discothéque in sonic form. The cult DJ is often seen spinning in Europe and Japan and is also known as guru of the euro disco sound.
Jussi will be been playing at Camp Cosmic for the fourth time and is a member of the Overfitting Disco collective. http://overfitti.ng-dis.co