Kenny Black

Sprung out of the funky, concrete cubicle ghetto suburban Rinkeby, Kenny Black happened to be the right age to fully appreciate the new sounds that were starting to emerge at around '82.

The sound of HIP HOP or Electro music. This new, fresh and distinctly urban ”culture” was to change his life.
Starting out Breakin, he was to prove himself a true b-boy and in 1985 Kenny Black stepped off the dance floor and in behind a pair of SHARP belt driven turntables and a mixer no one can remember the name of. This was his official intro into the underground dance music scene.

Outgrowing his hometown scene was inevitable, and Mr K. Black tried his wings. Perhaps someone out there was at a tiny club in Pattaya back in '95 - '96,called Eclipse, with the grooviest vibe, a still today famous and fondly remembered ”Special” Punch and a DJ/Owner that played a set that you would remember, then maybe you have partied with Kenny Black already. This hunt for skills, the very basic fabric of true hip hop has been going on ever since, the search for the perfect beat is a constant activity. May the funk be with us all.