Sacha Mambo (FR)

His trademark is to treat music with total respect while caring little about the boundaries of genres.

The name refers to "Macadam Massacre" from the French punk band BĂ©rurier Noir and the title of a voodoo high priestess, Mambo. Macadam Mambo first started out as a DJ collective to organize parties in Paris, then the equipe took the concept to Lyon. The parties eventually turned into a label and three years and twenty releases later, Macadam Mambo has become a staple in many DJ bags across the world.

Sacha Mambo folds out the map for us in his mixes containing new wave and disco. His label Macadam Mambo is a turbo injection into the European dance music of today and when Lyon's club kids are talking about the label, it's not often without a certain pride. But Sacha and his label cohort Guillaume Des Bois both seem to be at ease with the recognition. For them, the mission of carrying out the music to the people comes first.